Stradbroke Islands Top Activites

Stradbroke the Gorge

With so many beaches, watering holes and lakes on North Stradbroke Island there is never a day that you’ll find yourself bored. If your going up to Stradbroke here are some of the best places to visit


South Gorge, Point Lookout

This is a small cove near main beach with stunningly clear and calm waters. You can swim in the shallows or adventure out 50-100m into the sapphire seas to the local cliff jumping haven. Here you can jump from rocks 1m to as high as 15 m.  Come here on a Saturday or Sunday and be greeted by the friendly locals who will show you the best spots to take your leap of faith.  For the adventurous,  you may also swim into the gorge and the cave at the back. This can be tricky and you need to enter the cave in time with the waves to avoid getting smashed about.

stradbroke cylinder beach

Blue Lake, Dunwhich

The drive is beautiful, as you are surrounded by forests in shades of  green as you make your way up the beaten track. Once you have arrived at the Blue Lake car park. There is a further 2.5km walk through the forest until you find yourself at the lake itself. It’s the perfect spot for swimming, picnics and lake side cricket. The lake is busiest in the mornings and afternoons, so if you are wanting privacy its best to head out during lunch time. The walk is shaded so it’s not too hot, and having the entire lake to yourself definitely makes up for it.

Stradbroke blue lake


Flinders Beach

This long stretch of beach on Stradbroke is rugged, un-patrolled and rarely used so is perfect for a bit of solitude. A line of worn down drift wood and trees make for an interesting stroll along the back of the beach, whilst the crystal clear green waters are impossible to ignore. During low tide Flinders is perfect for a game of beach cricket or soccer, as you rarely see another person in the same area as you.


French mans beach

Adventure over here one afternoon to take a tumble down the sand dunes, and I do mean tumble. To get to the top of the sand dune, you can scramble up the side through a warren of passageways and tunnels made in the low hanging trees and bushes. The beach itself houses rock pools and blue waters to rinse off all the sand.

That night you can get fish and chips from the local store and eat at Point Lookout watching the sun go down. Although it can get windy, this is a must do as the view is absolutely perfect.

stradbroke stairs


Gelati at Point Lookout 

After splashing about in the sun all day, go all out and get three scoops of the best Gelati you’ll find over this side of town! The shop is at Point Lookout, unfortunately the staff aren’t always the friendliness but the Gelati makes up for it!


Stradbroke Ice cream

Myora Springs

Myora Springs is a wetland found along East Coast Road.  During high tide this area fills with water about waste deep and is a great spot to explore the mangroves or float beneath the trees. It’s a nice change from the ocean and just as beautiful.

stradbroke myora


Dolphin Spotting at Amity Point 

Drive or bus to amity point and settle yourself down on the jetty. This area is well renowned for dolphin spotting close to the beach. You can sit on the jetty as the sunsets and dip your hands in the cool waters while you watch the dolphins play.