Insider Tips to Top Deck Tours

Deciding to go on a Top Deck tour was the easiest decision of my life. I love to travel and had absolutely no hesitations. Booking the trip itself is super easy. The company organises everything for you (except flights)  and you just pay them when you are told.  Just click here for the website. Because our decision to go was so last minute the only trip we could go on was 11 days – we then added a week in London on either side.However the company offers tours from 4 days to over a month. Six things you should know when considering whether or not to go on a tour is:

Top Deck Tour - Venice Canals

  • There is no such thing as a good nights sleep. You’re away for such a short amount of time that sleeping is not a priority. Instead take naps on the bus during travel days.
  • There is no such thing a privacy. The people you meet on your first day are the people you will live, sleep, eat, drink, tour and party with for the next few weeks. Everyone knows every body’s business, it will be hard to find a moment of silence, but the truth is you won’t care.
  • Travelling on tours like this you become a different person and embrace whatever is thrown at you.
  • Wether you are a big drinker or not (like myself) the majority of your money will go towards alcohol.
  • The food on tour is surprisingly amazing.
  • You will have the best and most memorable experience of your life.

Top Deck Tour - Switzerland

The difference between Contiki, Top Deck and Bus About

A lot of people ask what the difference is between Contiki, Bus about and Top Deck. I’ll give you a very brief run down:

Contiki – A ‘Screw and Spew’ tour as my tour guide explained (charming). Having snuck into the Contiki accommodation I witnessed first hand that this pretty much sums up the tour. The nightly entertainment can be directly compared to going clubbing.

Top Deck – Still a high level of partying but think of night life as more of a house party/pub feel. Whilst people still drank together every night there was more chatting, prank pulling and running around town. The Top Deck and Contiki tours cover very similar places and stay in the same or close hotels at each location.

Bus About – This tour is more suitable for people in their 20s/30s who wish to travel as a tour but also independently. This company has a few options: You can get on and get off any Bus About bus as you please and stay in any city as long as you wish.  The buses come through each city around every second day, allowing you to create your own personalised tour. Or you can stick with one tour outline and have a more intimate trip as you get to know your fellow travellers.

To all who are unsure about wether or not to go on tour, take a leap of faith and book it. It’s a decision you won’t regret and an experience you will remember for a life time.