How to visit Iles Des Pins

Free People Society in New Caledonia

Iles Des Pins is praised to be the crème de la crème of New Caledonia’s islands, the sought after honeymoon location. Home to white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters in shades of blue I have never seen and its unique scattering of lost pine trees, this haven is also home to sea life like no other.


Iles Des Pins Waters



Whilst those staying over night may have had a dream holidays, doing a day trip to Iles Des Pins was not so easy. The tour desk was rather uninformative about island and what to do once you are there. So here is a run down of how to do Iles Des Pins the right way, figured out the hard way by yours truly.

Shameless Slefie in Iles Des Pins

  • When you get of the boat have your booking ticket ready. A small array of unmarked vehicles will be waiting for you at the end of the jetty. Show them your booking ticket and they will direct you to the correct vehicle.
  • You only need to be at the boat 30 minutes before
  • If you are doing a day trip you get taken to Hotel Kou-Bugny 
  •  There is no transport to take you around the island. You need to hire a car a day in advance

Secret Islands on Iles Des Pins

  • There is a local on the island that rents out his three mope-heads/ electric motorbikes for XPF 5000 a day. This is his number: (call out code) 72 47 61. Its best to call one day in advance and he will meet you at the boat.
  • The day-trippers hotel does not have any maps of the island so get one before you leave Noumea (from your hotel or a tour office)
  • Find a local with a boat and pay him to entertain you. We found a man at Kanumera Bay and paid him XPF 3000 for the two of us. The mans family took us around the island to visit the church, to turtle bay, and to beautiful untouched islands to swim and search for water snakes.

Exploring Iles Des Pins

If you know what to do Iles Des Pins is great, for those who are less informed the trip can be a complete disappointment. So take this advice wisely for it will be the making of your day.