Dog sledding through Montana


Imagine, the dogs are lined up ahead of you, some bounding forward ready to run, others howling, they are pawing the snow, restless with anticipation –  its nearly go time. One foot’s on the break, metal feet digging into the ground, and your right hand is holding onto the line. On the signal you yank the line free and you’re off, the pack charges forward, the moment they’ve been waiting for is finally here, and just like that, your flying. The wind bites your cheeks, and the trees brush past you and then suddenly you’re out in the open, the grand expanse of Big Sky Mountain and Blue Sky Basin surrounds you.

Dog Sledding dogs



If you are somehow lucky enough to find yourself in Big Sky, Montana then going Dog Sledding is a must! Spirit of the North runs dog sledding sessions twice a day in Moonlight Basin, and will pick you up from any near by hotel.

Dog sledding playing with pups

The company was founded by  Dog Sled racer Jessie when she was just 17 as a way to fund her racing and to create a place for dogs who didn’t make the team to live an active comfortable life. Now all 90 of huskies live together on the owners property and all 90 of them have been bred to pull, they live for it.


Dog sledding in action

We began the day with a scenic drive through the mountains to the dog sledding site where we had time to play with the dogs before learning the fundamentals of dog sledding. They really encourage a hands on experience and let you help harness the dogs and allow you to lead your own pack. If handling the sled isn’t really your thing then feel free to sit in the basket and let someone else do the hard work.

Dog sledding snacks

The trail is about 8 miles long, after sledding for some time we came to a stop in a huge glistening field where we snacked on homemade hot chocolate and cookies. The break gave us ample time to chat with the other group members, take pictures and of course, play with the excitable dogs again.

dog sledding


We arrived back at the starting line all to soon and helped put the dogs away into their trailer and said goodbye to our amazing tour guides before getting back in the van for the quick trip home.

Dog sledding lining up dogs


Wonderland Escapes was a guest of Spirit of the North however, my opinion remains my own.

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